The Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy Database (VARI 2.0) is a searchable catalogue of Aristotelian works written or published in Italian between 1400 and 1650. The census covers both manuscript and printed sources preserved in libraries in Italy, other European countries, and the US.

The database accessible here is in need of updating, with the last addition of new data dating back to July 2013. Currently, the database covers over 200 printed editions, 200 manuscript works, 130 authors, 65 dedicatees, and 115 printers. Since the research is still in progress, these figures are expected to rise in the coming years and will be periodically updated. The census already counts a wide range of materials constituting a critical mass suitable for general overviews as well as closer analyses.

Remarks, suggestions, and comments are welcome and should be sent to Dr. David Lines.

This database is built around a robust search functionality. You may search by keyword at any time with the search bar on the left, or click on 'Advanced Search' for more specific queries. For more information on the database and how to use it, please click on the 'About' page.