Trattato dei governi di Aristotile

Printed edition
Date: 1551

Work ref: 30
Edition ID: 65
Type: Prose

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Branch of Philosophy

Moral Philosophy

Copy seen

London, BL, c.20.a.20 [special material]


The BL copy (c.20.a.20) has a very beautiful original binding in vellum with decorations. The owner's name is not easy to read (it undoubtedly is a French name: Defouyerolles ?

Title page

[decorated frame] TRATTATO / DEI GOVERNI / DI ARISTOTILE / TRADOTTO DI GRE / CO IN LINGVA VVLGARE / Fiorentina da Bernardo Segni Gen- / tilhuomo & Accademico / Fiorentino. // IN VINEGIA / M D LI.

Physical Description

8°. a-z8, A-H8. ff. 248: [1], 230, [18]. Type: text in italics; commentary in roman. 152x100 mm.

Internal Description


Stampato in Venetia per Bartholomeo detto l'Im / perador, et Francesco suo genero. / Nel M. D. LI.

Paratextual Elements

1. epistle by the Author to the Duke of Florence Cosimo I Medici (October 7th 1548), ff. 2r-5r.
2. index of subjects, ff. [F7]r-[H7]r.


Cranz and Schmitt 1984: 108.222.

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