Trattato delle impressioni dell'aere

Printed edition
Date: 1571

Work ref: 107
Edition ID: 170
Type: Prose

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Branch of Philosophy

Natural Philosophy

Copy seen

London, BL, 232.e.8


ff. 3-4 are missing in the BL copy.

Title page

TRATTATO DELLE / IMPRESSIONI DELL'AE- / re, raccolto da varii autori di Filosofia, / per M. Stefano Breuentano Pavese. / [typographer's mark] / IN PAVIA, / Appresso Girolamo Bartoli. 1571.

Physical Description

4°. A-P4. ff. 53, [7]. Italics. mm. 130x180.

Internal Description

NB item to be checked with a complete copy of the work


Paratextual Elements

1. epistle to Girolamo Salimbeni, f. [A2]r;
2. preface to the readers, f. [A2]v;
3. index of subjects, ff. O2r-[P3]r.


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Eugenio Refini
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