De immortalitate anime

Aristotelian work
Date: 1430

Work ref: 1
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


(1400 c. - 1459 c.)

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On the Soul

Branch of Philosophy

Natural Philosophy


The treatise on the soul by the dominican Jacopo Campora from Genova, written in Bruges in 1432 and dedicated to the Venetian merchant Giovanni Marcanova, who put Campora up on the occasion of his stay in London, had a wide circulation both in mss. and printed editions. The work is conceived as a compendium in the form of a dialogue between the author and the dedicatee, mainly addressed to vernacular readers not acquainted with erudite and theological contents. Aristotle's On the Soul is a crucial source in Campora's work, but the author draws on other sources as well (e.g. Church Fathers).


Quetif-Echard 1719-1721: I, 856; Carlo de' Rosmini, Vita di Francesco Filelfo da Tolentino (Milan: Luigi Mussi, 1808), II, 126 [explains that the dialogue was once attributed to Filelfo; refers to a ms. copy of the text preserved in Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, but he does not give the shelfmark]; Marsand 1835: 222, n°8286/213 [he says that the text is a vernacular translation of the original Latin work by Jacopo Campora listed by Brunet].

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