Trattato de sogni secondo l'opinione d'Aristotile

Aristotelian work
Date: 1575

Work ref: 66
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


DOTTORI Benedetto
(16th c.)

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Related to Aristotle's

Parva Naturalia
On the Soul

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Natural Philosophy


The work is a thorough discussion of Aristotle's theory of dreams mainly based on the three Parva Naturalia which deal with the topic (On Sleep, On Dreams, On Divination in Sleep) as well as on Aristotle's On the Soul. As stated by the author of the preface letter, Antonino Compagna, Dottori's treatise on dreams draws from the teaching of Marco Antonio Passeri known as 'il Genoa'. Dottori refers to Passeri's private lectures at the very beginning of his work ('ne suoi privati ragionamenti', f. 1v). Other Aristotelian philosophers are discussed; three verses from Petrarch's Canzoniere are quoted at f. 20r (RVF, 29, 43-45). The text seems to be an interesting example of a vernacular reworking of discussions held in a Latinate context.

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