Trattato politico-morale

Aristotelian work
Date: 1440

Work ref: 133
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


(1381-1451 c.)

Extant versions

Manuscript copies



Related to Aristotle's

Nicomachean Ethics

Branch of Philosophy

Moral Philosophy


The treatise — dedicated to Neri di Gino Capponi — is divided in three books, respectively dealing with the government of oneself, the government of the family and the government of the civitas (whereas books I and II systematically draw on Aristotle's Ethics and Politics, book III mainly concerns the history of Florence). Grendler 1973 just edited the third book. The BNC manuscript is a complete and very beautifully written copy of the text; the Riccardiana manuscript is made up of two different versions of the treatise, both incomplete (the second one includes several marginal and interlinear corrections). The case is worth studying in order to make the relations among the three manuscripts clearer. Cavalcanti is quite well known for his relationship with Gino Capponi as well as for his Historie fiorentine, but scholars — with the exception of Grendler — did not pay much attention to the treatise which still lacks in a modern critical edition.


Di Pino 1941; Di Pino 1952; Nencioni, 1953-1954; Varese 1961; Grendler 1973; Mutini 1979.

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