Poetica d'Aristotile parafrasata e comentata

Aristotelian work
Date: 1580

Work ref: 148
Multiple work: No
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The first manuscript, which is a miscellaneous and heterogeneous one, contains a single section of Salviati's commentary which deals with the previous exegetical works on the Poetics ('Degl'interpreti di questo libro della poetica', ff. 25r-26v: the text appears in the following manuscript as well, ff. 371r-372v) plus a fragment from Salviati's sposizione (ff. 26r-27v); the second manuscript, which is not autograph but has several autograph marginalia and annotations, contains the complete materials of Salviati's paraphrase and commentary. Two introductory pieces ('Del titolo di questo libro, et opinione degl'interpreti sopra ciò'; 'Soggetto e fine del libro della poetica') are followed by the esposizione in the canonical sequence Greek text — Italian translation — paraphrase — commentary (cf. Castelvetro's Poetica). The esposizione is completed by the already mentioned section on the previous commentators ('Delli interpreti di questo libro della Poetica') and an interesting letter to the readers in two versions.


IMBI 8: 136; Weinberg 1961: 1147.

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