Trattato di morale

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Nicomachean Ethics

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Moral Philosophy


After a section devoted to the notion of virtue in general, the treatise is made up of several chapters concerning vices, virtues and other moral categories. It apparently follows the order of Aristotle's Ethics, but it also focuses on Christian notions. The author (to whom the text is attributed by a later hand) might be the same Jacopo Soldani who was a disciple of Galileo as well as a member of the Accademia degli Alterati. He became quite famous as a satyrical poet, but no mention is made in the critical bibliography about his philosophical interests. Cf. Notizie letterarie ed istoriche intorno agli uomini illustri dell'Accademia fiorentina. Parte prima (Florence: Piero Matini, 1700), 291-292. Soldani is mentioned in a letter to Galileo by Mario Guiducci (18 December 1623): cf. Le opere di Galileo Galilei, IX (Florence: Società  editrice fiorentina, 1852), 53. An oration held in the Accademia degli Alterati by Soldani was published in 1609: Delle lodi di Ferdinando Medici gran duca di Toscana, orazione di Iacopo Soldani (Florence: Cristofano Marescotti, 1609).

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Florence, BNC, II.IV.531


IMBI 11: 83-84.

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