Mascalcia [Ps.-Aristotle]

Aristotelian work
Date: 14

Work ref: 173
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The Mascalcia is probably linked to the pseudo-Aristotelian De omnibus infirmitatibus equorum (cf. Vatican City, BAV, ms. Ott. Lat. 2412, ff. 101-112, as mentioned by Schmitt and Knox 1985), though Poulle-Drieux 1996 attributes the work to Giordano Ruffo. The critical study of the manuscript tradition (Coco 1998) has shown that the 4 Florentine mss. are tightly related one to each other, whereas the Modena ms. witnesses a partially different version of the text. Differences exist among the Florentine mss. as well, so that we actually have three versions: a short one (mss. Pal. 533, II.IV.225, Ricc. 2216), a long one (Moden, It. 112) and an intermediate (Landau 127). For a clear overview, cf. Coco 2001. In terms of sources, according to Trolli, the treatise draws on the Byzantine collection of Hippiatrica through a Latin version (cf. ms. BAV, Reg. Lat. 1010).

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