I quattro libri meteorologici di Aristotele tradotti ed esposti

Aristotelian work
Date: 1617

Work ref: 231
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


(1584-1660 c.)

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Branch of Philosophy

Natural Philosophy


Vittorio Venturelli translated and commented on Aristotle's Meteorology for the duke of Urbino Francesco Maria II Della Rovere. The work opens with a dedicatory epistle followed by a complete accessus which has the function of a general introduction to Aristotle's scientific and philosophical works. Venturelli is the author of a wider project of translations and commentaries which includes the later version of Parva Naturalia (mss. Vatican City, BAV, Urb. Lat. 1337 and 1338: cf. relevant records in the databse). The introduction given here refers to the whole enterprise. Since the translation of Parva Naturalia is dated 1617, it is possible to date the Meteorology around the very same year.


Stornajolo 1902-1921: III, 270.

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