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Fabio Albergati's Le morali is a treatise on virtues very based on Aristotle's Nicoamachean Ethics. The work was first published in 1627, after Fabio's death (1606), by the author's son, Antonio, bishop of Bisceglie, who dedicated the book to pope…

4°. [*]3, a-d4, [*]2, A-M4, N6. Roman, Latin text italics. mm. 140×205.

The first part is a critical discussion of rainbow and its nature (the work opens with a defence of the 'new philosophy' based on the sensate esperienze: Galileo is obviously mentioned). The second part is a thorough commentary of the section on the…

4°; [A]2, B-Q4; ff. [2], 59, [1]. Epistle in Rome, text in Italics.

Stefano Conventi's Discorsi peripatetici et platonici is an interesting example of a reworking of a previous text written and published in Latin by the same author, De ascensu mentis in deum, ex Platonica et Peripatetica doctrina libri sex (Venice:…

Folio; ff. 120; ab6, c–h8 ik6 l–q8.

Cf. modern edition with critical introduction (Manenti 1988).
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