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8°. a8-b8, A8-M8. ff. [14], pp. 97, ff. [4]. Italics. mm. 90×145.

4°. A-O4, a-h4. ff. 56, [32]. mm. 146×200. Italics

Paper; misc., comp.; mm. 330_240; ff. 175 (1r-51r, 81r-126v: autogr. Filippo Sassetti; 62r-77v: other hand; 132r onwards: other hand). Binding in parchment.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. 289; modern binding; measures variable: 1. ff. 2r-121r, mm. 340_243; 2. ff. 122r-289v, mm. 298_220. Whereas ms. Florence, BNC, Ginori Conti App. 3 is a beautiful copy of the text, ms. Ricc. 2431 is a sketchy version of the…

Parchment; ff. 330; mm. 270_190; illuminated initials with animals and vegetal decorations.

Paper, ff. 110, mm. 215_150. Dedication copy, beautifully written in a calligraphic hand.
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