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Del Rosso's translation of Aristotle's On the Soul is dedicated to Francesco de Medici. Ms. Pal. 800 seems to be an autograph dedication copy. In the preface the author gives some interesting remarks on the method of translating.

Paolo Del Rosso's La fisica is an interesting example of poetical reworking of Aristotle's Physics. The work is conceived as a compendium of the treatise, but it is largely indebted to Dante's poetry as well, in terms of both structure and content.…

8°. A4, B-G8, H4. ff. 56: [4], 52 [103p + 1p n.n.]. 97×150 mm. Text in italics. Notes in roman.

Paper; mm. 270_220; ff. [I], 73, [2 blank], [I]. Beautiful copy, calligraphic though cursive hand; some additions and corrections. According to the catalogue the ms. is autograph by Del Rosso.

Paper; miscellaneous; binding in cardboard; ff. 171; title: 'Discorsi e poesie varie'. The manuscript is a miscellaneous containing several works by different authors (including Leon Battista Alberti and Luigi Alamanni) and related to the circle of…

Paper, ff. [ii], 46, [2], [iii]; mm. 281_210. Binding in cardboard, spine in leather with gold decorations. Autograph manuscript by Jacopo Corbinelli, and not by the author himself, as stated by a later hand on a smaller sheet of paper inserted…
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