I ragionamenti sopra l'Etica di Aristotele

Aristotelian work
Date: 1554

Work ref: 5
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose



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Related to Aristotle's

Nicomachean Ethics

Branch of Philosophy

Moral Philosophy


Galeazzo Florimonte's Ragionamenti sopra l'Etica di Aristotele were first published in 1554 by Girolamo Ruscelli: this incomplete edition of the work (book 2-3 were missing) was republished in 1562. A complete edition of the Ragionamenti, which is basically a commentary on Aristotle's Ethics, book 1-4, appeared in 1567. The commentary is in form of a dialogue and was meant to collect opinions of the famous Aristotelian philosopher Agostino Nifo.

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Eugenio Refini
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Eugenio Refini, ‘I ragionamenti sopra l'Etica di Aristotele’, in Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy Database (VARIDB)
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