Il Segreto de segreti, le Moralità , et la Phisionomia d'Aristotile

Aristotelian work
Date: 1538

Work ref: 6
Multiple work: Yes
Type: Prose


MANENTI Giovanni
(late 15th c. - 1540/41)


SIMONE Piero di

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Giovanni Manenti's work is a collection of three Aristotelian texts which had a wide circulation during the Middle Ages: according to Zinelli 2000: 538-541, Manenti's vernacular version of the Secret of secrets seems to draw on Vivaldo Belcalzèr's translation (cf. ms. Florence, BNC, Pal. 115); the Ethics is in fact an independent Italian version of the compendium which is part of Brunetto Latini's Trésor (cf. Degli Innocenti 2008: 66-67); the Physiognomy, which often follows the Secret of secrets in the manuscript tradition, closes the volume. Except for the compendium of the Ethics, Manenti's Secret of secrets and Physiognomy were reprinted in 1669. For the vernacular tradition of Pseudo-Aristotle's Secret of secrets, cf. Cecioni 1889 and Milani 2001, 2004, 2006. NB: Relevant records concerning the vernacular versions of the work will appear soon within this database.

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