Vere conclusioni

Aristotelian work
Date: 1589

Work ref: 95
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


VIERI Francesco de



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Francesco de Vieri's Vere conclusioni is a work divided in three main parts aiming to highlight all those philosophical issues in which Plato, Aristotle and Christian doctrine agree. The main purpose of the book, as the author states in the dedication letter to Baccio Valori, is to encourage the study of Plato within the university context sponsored by the Medici family. Through the study of Plato, it will be possible to understand better Aristotle (Vieri outlines here a 4-years programme of Platonic lectures: p. 5-6). In the meantime, the author does not overvalue the common trends of Platonism, Aristotelianism and Christianism since - as he clearly says - it is important to recognise what is peculiar to each philosophy. The last section of the work stands out in terms of references to modern sources, which are nonetheless employed throughout all the book.

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