Compendio della filosofia morale

Aristotelian work
Date: 1344

Work ref: 139
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose




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Nicomachean Ethics

Branch of Philosophy

Moral Philosophy


The work is a compendium mainly based on Aristotle: it is made up of three trattati respectively dealing with the definition of habitus-passion-virtue, virtues and friendship. The author refers to other classical sources as well (such as Cicero, Aquinas, Vergil, Seneca, Augustin etc.). The text was originally written in Latin (the only extant ms. of the original version is Paris, BNF, Lat. 6467, which is the dedication copy to the erudite Bruzio Visconti). The compendium was translated into the vernacular. Kaeppeli 1948 (249) suggests that Mannelli himself might be the translator, but the hypothesis does not find any evidence in the manuscript tradition. Mannelli, which is titled frate in the text, probably wrote it before 1344, when he became bishop of Zituni in Greece; he later was bishop of Osimo (1347) and Fano (1358). He spent most of his life in Avignon (cf. Compagnoni 1782-1783: III, 97-105; Palermo 1869: 36-37; Dorez 1904: 23, 61, 75, 108, 150, 152; Kaeppeli 1948; Kaeppeli: III, 89-90, 2893-2896; Cinelli 2007).

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