Breve ragionamento dell'anima umana

Aristotelian work
Date: 1570

Work ref: 222
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


VIERI Francesco de

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On the Soul

Branch of Philosophy

Natural Philosophy


The Breve ragionamento follows in the ms. Florence, BNC, Magl.XII.12 a Latin work by the same author on a similar subject (Epilogus doctrinam Aristotelis de anima quam brevissime complectens, ff. 4r-25v), dedicated - as the Italian one - to the duke Francesco I. The Ragionamento is an outstanding example of Francesco de Vieri's approach to the concordance of Plato, Aristotle and Christian doctrine. NB: research in progress on Francesco de Vieri's Breve ragionamento by members of the project.

Manuscript copies

Florence, BNC, Magl. XII.12


Iter I, 118; Colaneri 1973: 9, n°8.

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