Lezzioni d'amore

Aristotelian work
Date: 1556

Work ref: 223
Multiple work: No
Type: Prose


VIERI Francesco de


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Francesco de Vieri's Lezzioni d'amore are two lectures held at the Accademia Fiorentina in 1556. The work is conceived as a thorough commentary on Guido Cavalcanti's Donna me prega. Though their main subject is love, the two lectures are largely indebted to the Aristotelian tradition. Aristotle's works are then often taken into account and offer a fundamental frame - together with Plato and the Church Fathers - for Vieri's illustration of Cavalcanti's poem.


For a thorough analysis of Francesco De Vieri's Lezzioni d'amore, together with a modern edition of the text, cf. Vieri 1973 and Colaneri 1973.

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