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The lecture — related to the Accademia degli Alterati as well as the other pieces in the miscellaneous ms. Ricc. 2435 — deals with a defence of Dante's Commedia as a poema eroico: the author aims at demonstrating that the poem perfectly fits in with…

The lecture addressed to Eleonora de Toledo, member of the Accademia degli Alterati under the name of "Ardente", is conceived as a general discussion of Alessandro Piccolomini's interpretation of Aristotle's Poetics, the Annotationi nel libro della…

Paper; misc., comp. (26 units); ff. [III], [2], 336, [2], [III]; measures varying. Unit 17: mm. 272_204.

Beautiful copy of the text; corrections and additions which appear on the margins in the other manuscripts, are here part of the text.

Relevant unit: mm. 225_310; ff. 5 [103v-107v].

Unit n°18, mm. 210_290; ff. 6 [153r-158r]. The text copied is rich in additions and corrections, which witness at least a revision of the copy.

Unit n°23, mm. 273_205; ff. 6 [219r-225v].
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