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8°. a8, A-Z8. ff. 192: [8], 184. Italics. 93×152 mm.

4°. *4, A-Z4, AA-ZZ4, AAA-XXX4; ff. [8], p. 504, ff. [12]. mm.

8°. a-z8, AA-XX8, YY2. ff. [ii], 520, [20]. mm. 105×155.

4°.†-†††4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Ttt4. ff. [i], [12], 260. mm. 155×215.

The translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric was edited by the Sienese scholar Felice Figliucci, who refers to the work as realised by a translator who undoubtedly came from Siena, as it shall appear clear from the language employed. Figliucci, who was…
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