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4°. A4, a4, B-T4. ff. 80: [8 ff.], 151 pp., [1 p.]. Text in italics. 135×190 mm.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. I, II, 85; mm. 220_160.

Paper; ff. [II], 122, [V]; original binding in cardboard. Title on spine: 'Galeazzo / Florimonte / Etica d' / Aristot'. Old inventory number on spine: '26'. The name of Benedetto Varchi, owner of the ms., appears not only on the title-page, but also…

Paper, ff. [i], 203 [blank 195-203]; mm. 203_146. Original binding in parchment, damaged spine. Watermark at ff. 195-196, 199-200 cf. Briquet 9970. The title is written on an old and damaged label on the spine: 'Galeazzo Florimonte / da Sessa /…
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