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As Albergati states in the preface letter to cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini, he had been asked to write the work by cardinal Francisco de Toledo Herrera in order to reprobate Jean Bodin's political theories by means of a strong defence of Aristotle's.…

8°. *4, A-L8, M4. ff. [4], 92. mm. 95×148. Roman. Titles of chapters and paragraphs in Italics.

The anonymous 14th c. translation of Aristotle's Meteorology had a wide manuscript circulation (7 copies extant) before being published in 1554. The so-called Metaura plays a main role in the history of medieval translations of Aristotle into Italian…

8°. A-M8, N4. ff. 100: [2 pp.], 167 pp. [i.e. 197 pp.], [1 p.]. Text in italics; titles of paragraphs in roman. 85×141.

The printed edition is a collection of three different philosophical works: the book opens with Epictetus' Moral Philosophy, goes on with the pseudo-aristotelian treatise On Virtues and Vices and ends up with Plutarch's On Brotherly Love. Each…

4°. A-C4, D2. ff. 14. Preface italics, text roman, marginalia italics. mm. 140×200.

The work is a compendium of meteorology very focused on the knowledge of winds and their nature. Aristotle's Meteorology undoubtedly plays a main role among Breventano's sources, which are nonetheless extremely heterogeneous (Hippocrates, Seneca,…

8°. *4 A-Z8 AA-EE8 FF4. ff. 232: [4], 252 [i.e. 225], 3. Text in roman; titles of paragraphs in italics. 100×150 mm.

8°. n4 A-G8 H4. ff. 64 [– 1]: [4], 59. Italics. 92×146 mm.

8°. n8 A-Y8 Z4. ff. 188 [– 1]: [8], 179. Italics. 92×146 mm.

8°. †4 A-H8 I4. ff. 72: [4], 67, [1]. Text in roman; titles of paragraphs in italics. 100×150 mm.

8°; +4, A8-Q8, R4; ff. [4], 132; mm.

Antonio Brucioli's translation of Aristotle's Politics is dedicated to Piero Strozzi.
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