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Paper; ff. [II] + [6] + 269 + [II]. Old binding in vellum; mm. 165_230.

Paper; ff. [I] + [7 n.n.] + 520 [i.e. 272 pp. + 338 ff.] + [I]; mm. 205_283. Autograph copy with corrections and additions. Title on spine: 'Trattato / dei Governi / di Aristotile / tradotto dal / Greco in Fior(enti)no / da Bernardo Segni'.

Paper; ff. [2], 201, [2]; mm. 200_265; original binding in parchment. Beautiful copy written in an elegant cursive hand (early 17th c.). The Institutione at ff. 3r-38v; the Compendio at ff. 39r-196v.

4°. a-z4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, AA3. ff. 187: [1], pp. 3-547, [5]. Text in roman; commentary and titles in italics. 222×147 mm.

8°. az8 AV8 X4. ff. 158 [i.e. 342], [5]. Type: translation in Italics; commentary in Roman. 150×100 mm.

4°; p. [12], 355, [25].

4°; A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Iii 4; ff. 220: [1], p. 420, [10]. Type: text in roman; commentary and titles in italics. 216×135 mm.

8°. A-Z8, Aa-Gg8, Hh4. p. 486, f. [1]. Dedications in Italics, text in Roman, poetical quotations in Italics.

Bernardo Segni's translation of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, dedicated to the duke Cosimo I, appeared in 1550 and was reprinted in Venice a year later. The work - apparently based on the Greek text - includes a commentary by Segni himself. NB:…

Bernardo Segni's translation of Aristotle's Poetics and Rhetoric were first printed in Florence in 1549, though the author had been working on them for several years, as confirmed by the manuscript (autograph) version of the Rhetoric now in the…

Bernardo Segni's Trattato dei governi is a translation of (and commentary on) Aristotle's Politics. The work, published in 1549 and later reprinted (1551, 1559), was ready in 1548 - as confirmed by the dedicatory epistle to the Duke of Florence,…
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