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4°. [*]2, A-F4. ff. [2], 24. mm. 147×195.

4°. [*]3, A-G4. ff. 28. Dedication letter and text italics. mm. 150×200.

The work is a thorough discussion of Aristotle's theory of dreams mainly based on the three Parva Naturalia which deal with the topic (On Sleep, On Dreams, On Divination in Sleep) as well as on Aristotle's On the Soul. As stated by the author of the…

8°. a8, A-Z8. ff. 192: [8], 184. Italics. 93×152 mm.

The translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric was edited by the Sienese scholar Felice Figliucci, who refers to the work as realised by a translator who undoubtedly came from Siena, as it shall appear clear from the language employed. Figliucci, who was…
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