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8°. a6, A-V8, X2. ff. 163. Dedication roman, preface and chapter titles italics, text roman. mm. 100×152.

8°; a-e8; ff. 40

The treatise on the soul by the dominican Jacopo Campora from Genova, written in Bruges in 1432 and dedicated to the Venetian merchant Giovanni Marcanova, who put Campora up on the occasion of his stay in London, had a wide circulation both in mss.…

Annibal Caro's translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, completed - as the original autograph ms. now in the Ambrosiana (O 120 sup.) confirms - in 1551, was not printed until 1570. The original ms. shows quite a substantial revision of the text and would…

8°. A-M8. ff. 96. Text roman.

8°. A-X8, Y4. p. 344. Dedication letter italics; text roman.

8°. A-B4, C2. ff. 10. Dedication italics; text roman. 110×160 mm.

The Trattato de' costumi, attributed to Luigi Dal Portello (who signs the preface letter to Niccolò Valier) by Risse, is in fact the translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, book II. As one gets from the identity of the publisher, such work might be…

4°. A-O4, a-h4. ff. 56, [32]. mm. 146×200. Italics
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