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8°; A-F8, G10; p. 115. Text in Roman, Latin quotations in italics.

8°. a6, A-V8, X2. ff. 163. Dedication roman, preface and chapter titles italics, text roman. mm. 100×152.

Paper; ff. 122; mm. Title on spine: 'Morale / cavata / da / Aristot'.

Paper; ff. I, 153, I; mm. 150_193. Title on the spine: 'Aristoti / Problemi / Ms.'. Cursive hand, probably 17th c.

Paper; ff. II, 97, III; mm. 209_98.

Paper; ff. II, p. 822, ff. [5], II; mm. 200_268. Date at f. IIr: '3 Nov. 1613', and f. [1]r: '8 Ag. 1614'. Titles on spine: 'Parafrase del con. / Pomponio Torelli so / pra l'Etica'; 'Parafrase del conte Pomponio Torelli sopra l'Etica d'Arist. m.s.'.

Paper; ff. [9], 86, [4 blank], [9]; mm. 280_195.

Paper; ff. [I modern], 317, [I modern]; mm. 215_155. Modern binding. Text copied by a single hand, earlier than the other extant copies (Vatican City and Austin). With some corrections. Maybe autograph. A different hand adds some biographical details…

Paper; ff. 212 not numbered; mm. 147_210; f. [1]r: Ranuzzi family's coat of arms; f. [2]r: framed title-page. Binding in vellum, maybe original. Title on spine: 'Etica / del / Cesano'. Old shelfmark: 274. Late 16th or early 17th c. copy; watermark…

Paper; old binding in parchment; title on spine: 'Ethica di Gabriel Cesano lib. 4 m.s.'; ff. [1], 152, [1]; mm. 260_200. The name of the dedicatee is explicitly mentioned in this ms. The text is the same which appears in ms. Vatican City, BAV,…

Paper; ff. 1 [blank], 240 (modern numeration; ff. 230-240 blank), 4 (blank). Title on spine: 'Cesano / Etica di / Aristot.'; mm. 154_214; beautiful copy by a calligraphic hand of late 16th c.
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