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Paper; ff. 1 [blank], 240 (modern numeration; ff. 230-240 blank), 4 (blank). Title on spine: 'Cesano / Etica di / Aristot.'; mm. 154_214; beautiful copy by a calligraphic hand of late 16th c.

Paper; old binding in parchment; title on spine: 'Ethica di Gabriel Cesano lib. 4 m.s.'; ff. [1], 152, [1]; mm. 260_200. The name of the dedicatee is explicitly mentioned in this ms. The text is the same which appears in ms. Vatican City, BAV,…

Paper; ff. 212 not numbered; mm. 147_210; f. [1]r: Ranuzzi family's coat of arms; f. [2]r: framed title-page. Binding in vellum, maybe original. Title on spine: 'Etica / del / Cesano'. Old shelfmark: 274. Late 16th or early 17th c. copy; watermark…

Paper; ff. [I modern], 317, [I modern]; mm. 215_155. Modern binding. Text copied by a single hand, earlier than the other extant copies (Vatican City and Austin). With some corrections. Maybe autograph. A different hand adds some biographical details…

Paper; ff. [9], 86, [4 blank], [9]; mm. 280_195.

Paper; ff. II, p. 822, ff. [5], II; mm. 200_268. Date at f. IIr: '3 Nov. 1613', and f. [1]r: '8 Ag. 1614'. Titles on spine: 'Parafrase del con. / Pomponio Torelli so / pra l'Etica'; 'Parafrase del conte Pomponio Torelli sopra l'Etica d'Arist. m.s.'.

Paper; ff. II, 97, III; mm. 209_98.

Paper; ff. I, 153, I; mm. 150_193. Title on the spine: 'Aristoti / Problemi / Ms.'. Cursive hand, probably 17th c.

Paper; ff. 122; mm. Title on spine: 'Morale / cavata / da / Aristot'.

8°. a6, A-V8, X2. ff. 163. Dedication roman, preface and chapter titles italics, text roman. mm. 100×152.

8°; A-F8, G10; p. 115. Text in Roman, Latin quotations in italics.

4°; [*]4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Sss4; p. [8], 507, [5]; mm. 150×205; preface in italics, text in roman.

Fabio Benvoglienti's Discorso sopra la materia de gli affetti is conceived as an introduction to (and compendium of) Aristotle's discussion of passions in Rhetoric, book 2. After a short preamble in which the Author explains Aristotle's priority in…
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