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Parchment; ff. [II], 87; mm. 323_230. Text in two columns; lines per column: 40. Layout: mm. 170_221. Illuminated initials (f. 1r vignette representing Aristotle and vegetal decorations); rubrics in red, signs of paragraphs in red and light blue.

Parchment; ff. 139, [II]; later binding. mm. 253_180. Sketchy at the beginning and at the end.

The name of the translator appears in ms. Chig. M.VIII.162, f. 83v. Niccolò Anglico is not mentioned in the Paduan ms., which is incomplete both at the beginning and at the end. Grion 1868 (who gave an edition of the text), did not know the Vatican…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. III, 79, II; mm. 190_270. Old binding in parchment. Watermark: cf. Briquet 13648 (a. 1570). General title at f. IIr: 'Trattati diversi'; the ms. has been part of the Ambrosiana collection since 1603 (Olgiati). One of the…

Parchment; ff. [viii], 132, [ii]; mm. 273_182. Layout: mm. 115_190. Red rubrics, initials in red and blue, paragraph marks in red and blue. Several marginal annotations by Jacopo Corbinelli (ff. 96v-124v).

Paper; ff. I, 158, I; mm. 145_205. Beautiful copy by a 17th c. cursive calligraphic hand; decorated title-page; each page is framed (mm. 115_168). Title on spine: 'Aristoteles / Rhetorica / XVII s.'.

Paper; ff. 143; mm. 220_163. Title on spine: 'De Arte / Rhetorica'. The ms. is made up of three sections dated 1564 (A, ff. 1r-47v: '1564 adì p.° Marzo'; C, ff. 48r-95v: '1564 adì xviii Aprile'; E, ff. 96r-143v: '1564 adì 9 marzo').

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. 0000; mm. 215_315. Watermark: cf. Briquet 636 (a. 1572, 1578).

Paper; misc.; ff. [6], 413, [1]; mm. 190_270. Title on spine: 'Raccolta / di vari / manoscritti / Tom. VII. / Copia'. The last text copied refers to 1593.

Paper; misc.; ff. [6], 413, [1]; mm. 190_270. Title on spine: 'Raccolta / di vari / manoscritti / Tom. VII. / Copia'. The last text copied refers to 1593.

Paper; ff. 74; mm. 195_263. Old binding in parchment. Title on spine: 'Manu script. Intro. alla Morale'.

The short work is made up of two sections: the Italian translation of a passage from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 2, on friendship is followed by a thorough commentary which draws on Aristotelian sources as well as biblical ones. Some Greek passages…

The anonymous translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, based on the Latin version which was circulating during the Middle Ages and witnessed by the ms. Vatican City, BAV, Chig. M.VI.126, might be the earliest vernacular translation of the work. The…

The anonymous translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric witnessed by ms. Modena, BEU, It. 225 appears as a beautifully written copy which follows formal standards of contemporary printed books. No dedicatee is mentioned. The translation covers the three…

After a rather long introduction, the anonymous commentary - whose sections are misplaced in the ms. Venice, BNM, It. VIII.28 - proceeds explaining short Latin lemmas from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1, which might be useful in order to recognize the…

The anonymous letter approaches a quite controversial passage from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1 devoted to the notions of verisimile and segno. The same aristotelian passage is the object of a commentary by Fausto Sozzini (cf. ms. Siena, BC, P.V.15).…

The Discorso (which is divided into two different discorsi) draws from several sources: though the main frame of the work is platonic, there is a section entirely devoted to Aristotle's teachings in the field of rhetoric (ff. 253v-256r).

The anonymous Discorso focuses on Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 2, and more specifically deals with the so-called movimento degli affetti. Other Aristotelian works such as the treatise On the Soul are mentioned.

The two treatises form a sort of compendium of ethics and rhetoric slavishly based on Aristotle's works.

Paper; ff. [1], [VI], [1], 107, [5]. mm. 205x290. Card binding.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. [7], 235, [1], [2]; mm. 350_235.

Though recorded as a single work, the two manuscripts Florence, BNC, II.I.20-21 are note really related: the first one contains the so-called Proloqui nella Rettorica and an incomplete Ragionamento della poesia; the second manuscript is made up of 5…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. [III], 359, [II]. mm. 210_310.
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