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Giovan Francesco Zeffi's translation of the pseudo-Aristotelian Rhetoric to Alexander is the first of few Italian translations of the work. It is dedicated to Antonio Prioli, 'procuratore di San Marco', and it is conceived as a handy compendium of…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. 100; mm. 150_200.

The Discorso was written in 1565 by Francesco De Vieri on the occasion of Francesco I de Medici's wedding; it is thus dedicated to the duke and his wife, Johanna of Austria. The work, conceived as a thorough discussion of philosophy and its…

8°. *4, A-I8, K4. ff. [4], pp. 148, ff. [II]. Preface to the readers italics, text roman. mm. 105×158.

Parchment; ff. I, 37, I; mm. 165_230. Layout: mm. 102_155. Lines: 24 per page. Beautiful dedicatory copy. Initials of paragraphs and names of dedicatees in red. Binding decorated with Medici coat of arms.

The work is conceived as a series of tree diagrams ('alberi') and short paragraphs which aim at summarising the main rational faculties (grammar, rhetoric, topics, logic, poetics, history). Aristotle is one of the main sources employed by Toscanella,…

4°. *4, A-Z4, AA-DD4. Italics. mm. 140x205.

4°. *4, A-Z4, AA-EE4, DD6. ff. [4], 109, [1]. mm. 150x210.

Faustino Summo's Discorsi poetici is a collection of lectures previously given on specific passages or matters from Aristotle's Poetics. The work is dedicated as a whole to Federico Corner (Cornaro), who is mentioned as patron and founder of an…

4°; a2, A-Y4, Z2; ff. [2], 93, [1]; mm. 135×192. Dedication and foreword in roman, text in italics.

Sozzini's Dichiaratione is a commentary on a short section from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1 on the difference between the notion of sign and verisimile.

Paper; misc., comp. (12 units). Only available in mcf.

Bernardo Segni's translation of Aristotle's Poetics and Rhetoric were first printed in Florence in 1549, though the author had been working on them for several years, as confirmed by the manuscript (autograph) version of the Rhetoric now in the…

4°; p. [12], 355, [25].

Paper; ff. [II] + [6] + 269 + [II]. Old binding in vellum; mm. 165_230.

The brief treatise by Robortello, witnessed by miscellaneous manuscripts, deals with topics and discusses Aristotelian principles from the Prior Analytics, which are presented as a fundamental source for the rational faculties (Rhetoric, Poetics,…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. [2], 153. Relevant unit: mm. 270_200.
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