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The Discorso was written in 1565 by Francesco De Vieri on the occasion of Francesco I de Medici's wedding; it is thus dedicated to the duke and his wife, Johanna of Austria. The work, conceived as a thorough discussion of philosophy and its…

This partial translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1, from the Latin version by Daniele Barbaro might be attributed to Camillo II Capilupi, whose hand - according to Gasparrini 1939 - would be responsible for several texts included in ms. Rome,…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. [III], 359, [II]. mm. 210_310.

Beltrami's notes to Bulgarini discuss the notion of allegory referring to several sources. The main frame of Beltrami's account is Aristotelian: as stated in the preface letter, he is following the division of Aristotle's text (Poetics) below Maggi…

Paper; misc., comp. (12 units). Only available in mcf.

Sozzini's Dichiaratione is a commentary on a short section from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1 on the difference between the notion of sign and verisimile.

Parchment; ff. [viii], 132, [ii]; mm. 273_182. Layout: mm. 115_190. Red rubrics, initials in red and blue, paragraph marks in red and blue. Several marginal annotations by Jacopo Corbinelli (ff. 96v-124v).

The anonymous translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric, based on the Latin version which was circulating during the Middle Ages and witnessed by the ms. Vatican City, BAV, Chig. M.VI.126, might be the earliest vernacular translation of the work. The…

Parchment; ff. [II], 87; mm. 323_230. Text in two columns; lines per column: 40. Layout: mm. 170_221. Illuminated initials (f. 1r vignette representing Aristotle and vegetal decorations); rubrics in red, signs of paragraphs in red and light blue.

The name of the translator appears in ms. Chig. M.VIII.162, f. 83v. Niccolò Anglico is not mentioned in the Paduan ms., which is incomplete both at the beginning and at the end. Grion 1868 (who gave an edition of the text), did not know the Vatican…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. [2], 153. Relevant unit: mm. 270_200.

Paper; miscellaneous; mm. 130_190; ff. 2, [4], 574, [4], 2. The manuscript contains extracts from several works, including Caro's Rettorica.

Paper; ff. 74; mm. 195_263. Old binding in parchment. Title on spine: 'Manu script. Intro. alla Morale'.

The two treatises form a sort of compendium of ethics and rhetoric slavishly based on Aristotle's works.

Paper; misc., comp. (several units); variable measures. Relevant unit: mm. 215_315. The treatise is provided with two diagrams (ff. 193v, 194v).

The brief treatise by Robortello, witnessed by miscellaneous manuscripts, deals with topics and discusses Aristotelian principles from the Prior Analytics, which are presented as a fundamental source for the rational faculties (Rhetoric, Poetics,…

Paper; ff. 143; mm. 220_163. Title on spine: 'De Arte / Rhetorica'. The ms. is made up of three sections dated 1564 (A, ff. 1r-47v: '1564 adì p.° Marzo'; C, ff. 48r-95v: '1564 adì xviii Aprile'; E, ff. 96r-143v: '1564 adì 9 marzo').

After a rather long introduction, the anonymous commentary - whose sections are misplaced in the ms. Venice, BNM, It. VIII.28 - proceeds explaining short Latin lemmas from Aristotle's Rhetoric, book 1, which might be useful in order to recognize the…

8°. a8, A-Z8. ff. 192: [8], 184. Italics. 93×152 mm.

8°. A-B4, C2. ff. 10. Dedication italics; text roman. 110×160 mm.

4°; ff. [8], 242, [2]. [*]4,†4, A-Z4, AA-ZZ4, AAa-PPp4.
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