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Paper; ff. I, 1, 50, I; mm. 300_225; 8 folios missing at the beginning; text in 2 columns; drawings at ff. 45v.50v; at f. 46r: 'E questo libro ene di [...]andro di Giovanni di Firenze'. The first part of the text is missing. Together with mss.…

Paper; misc.; ff. [2], 40, [1]; mm. 325_225.

Paper; ff. [13], 213, [30]; mm. 350_240. Text copied by two different hands (the second one as of f. 132). Beautiful copy.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. III, 79, II; mm. 190_270. Old binding in parchment. Watermark: cf. Briquet 13648 (a. 1570). General title at f. IIr: 'Trattati diversi'; the ms. has been part of the Ambrosiana collection since 1603 (Olgiati). One of the…

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. I, 821, I; old binding. Title on spine: 'Erudizioni / & altre / cose curiose'. Unit 7, mm. 200_270, ff. 170r-206r.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. I, 533, I. Old binding. Title on spine: 'Trattati / Di Politica / E Ragioni Di / Stato'. Unit 1, ff. 7r-53v: mm. 205_280.

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. I, II, 85; mm. 220_160.

Paper; ff. 58 + 9 (blank); mm. 339_234; old binding in wood and vellum; 2 columns, 37 lines. Watermark: cf. Briquet 3373 (a. 1460s-1470s; though it is not exactly the same).

Paper; misc.; ff. I, 165; mm. 220_150. Old binding (bad conditions) in wood and vellum. The date (1443) refers to the first text copied by a different, though contemporary hand in the ms. (Liber vocatur Adventus Christi, vernacular, ff. 1r-69v); the…

Paper; misc.; ff. 89; mm. 278_207; the first 21 folios are missing; dated by the scribe at f. 89r: 'Finito el libro Rosario di philosophi. 1473 die 21 mensis Mai'.

Parchment; ff. 65 [n.n.], 2 [blank]; mm. 225_134; 25 lines; small illuminated initials; dated at f. 65v: 'Ex Venet. primo Idus Iulij MCCCCLXXIII'. Old original binding in wood and vellum. The text of the Economics follows a compendium of the Ethics…

Paper; misc.; ff. 171; mm. 205_272; written by several hands. Watermarks: ff. 58, 48: cf. Briquet 15794 (a. 1370-1395) and 15797 (a. 1390-1395).

Paper; ff. II, 97, III; mm. 209_98.

Paper; misc.; ff. I, 165, I; mm. 180_290. Modern binding. Miscellaneous collection of moral works (including Cecco d'Ascoli's Acerba, Fiore di virtù and several poems) written by a single hand. Watermark: cf. Piccard: X, 392 (Ferrara 1399).

Paper; misc., comp.; ff. I, [4], 188, [4], 1; mm. 200_282.A later hand adds a date to the last text included in the ms. (1510).

Paper; ff. II, 63, I; mm. 180_240; old binding in vellum.

Paper; ff. 36; mm. 145_212.

Paper; ff. I, 153, I; mm. 150_193. Title on the spine: 'Aristoti / Problemi / Ms.'. Cursive hand, probably 17th c.

Parchment; ff. [viii], 132, [ii]; mm. 273_182. Layout: mm. 115_190. Red rubrics, initials in red and blue, paragraph marks in red and blue. Several marginal annotations by Jacopo Corbinelli (ff. 96v-124v).

Paper; ff. I, 158, I; mm. 145_205. Beautiful copy by a 17th c. cursive calligraphic hand; decorated title-page; each page is framed (mm. 115_168). Title on spine: 'Aristoteles / Rhetorica / XVII s.'.
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